No make-up: our tips for glowing skin

Our Anglo-Saxon friends celebrated “No make-up” day on April 25th. We French decided that it would be May 28. In fact, whatever the date, the concept is what matters most. A movement popularized by Alicia Keys, "No make-up" favors natural beauty over less natural beauty, that which calls for the use of makeup.

Here at the editorial office, we have all of our "with makeup" days and our "without makeup" days. Whether or not we are used to wearing makeup on a daily basis, we tend to forget how pretty we can look without. Yes, makeup has the power to hide a number of imperfections, but then what about situations where it is not possible to wear it like at the beach, at the gym or just at home when you are not wearing it? just don't want to wear makeup.

Indeed, makeup is not our first weapon to achieve that fresh complexion that we love so much. Before rushing into foundations, blushes, correctors, etc., why not focus on what will really nourish our skin in depth and give it a natural glow.

So here are some tips that will help you get rid of your makeup bag permanently or temporarily without too much effort. It will be up to you to judge.

Rid your skin of cellular waste 

Our skin constantly breathes and renews itself so even if you are not wearing makeup, it is essential to rid it every day of all the impurities accumulated during the day - pollution, sebum, sweat, dead cells, etc… - which clog pores and dull skin tone. It is the first beauty gesture that purifies, rebalances the hydrolipidic film of your skin and promotes the penetration of care. It's a gesture to acquire morning and evening!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and drink... water of course

Dehydrated skin looks like a dull, uneven surface. By moisturizing it properly, you give your skin a smoother surface that will reflect light much better.

We cannot repeat it enough, hydration means drinking a lot and using treatments that help maintain water inside the tissues. It is through this process that your skin will be plumped with the same curve as that of a summer fruit that you want to bite into. Hydration is twice a day. In the morning with a cream that you choose rich in antioxidant active ingredients and with a fine texture to be more quickly absorbed by your skin. Whether you wear makeup or not, it is always nice not to keep a greasy film on your face.

Before going to bed, give your skin a richer complex that you massage for a few minutes, remembering to also nourish the neck and décolleté. With the peak of cell regeneration occurring around 1 a.m., this is the perfect time to fuel our beloved cells.

Use a serum and count up to 21 days

A serum is an injection of pure energy at the time of cell regeneration. Let's be honest, no product wears its effect in 2 hours. It takes almost 3 weeks of use, at least to see the real effects on your face. Choose a serum with a “clean” formulation, well concentrated in anti-aging repairing active ingredients. No, "anti-aging" is not a bad word regardless of your age. Slowing down cell aging, boosting cell renewal and firming up tissues is the only way and it is the goal of all of us, isn't it?

With all these little tips, you will be the most beautiful without make-up. We hope we have convinced you, and especially do not hesitate if you have questions specific to your skin type.

Remember, makeup is a temporary trick. What makes you beautiful are the little dimples that appear on your cheeks when you smile, your mischievous gaze and especially the light that radiates into your skin. You are already fabulous so smile!