Awareness in cosmetics, a new era is opening

 In recent years, the cosmetics sector makes a point of wanting to innovate, inspire and adapt to requirements and concerns : the natural and organic regain their legitimacy, the compositions take a more "clean" turn and the expectations in terms of beauty are now essential. A new era of purer care while remaining effective is then born to the delight of consumers. How? 'Or' What This reversal of the situation took place which has accelerated over the past two years and how L’ODAÏTÈS in this new cosmetic consciousness? 

 The awakening of consumers 

Awareness and interest in content and the composition of nos cosmetics began around 2005. Rita Stiens a German journalist is interestede to the compositions and at published a book The Truth About Cosmetics which reveals the presence in the cosmetic products synthetic, chemical, petroleum-derived, parabenes. Then follows a real media avalanche and ae first awareness on the part ofu consumer, now worried about what is hidden in the products he used to use on theat skin, that important external organ. But this realization took nearly five years to germinate in people's minds. 

A new climate at seen little by little the day and new cosmetic brands giving pride of place to ingredients natural are established and keep on developedr at an increasingly sustained rate. Thus, the Green wave on the beauty sector. We are now thinking of reducing our environmental impact, to formulate "clean" and reassure consumers on the composition and health risks 

The desire for nature and cosmetic environmentally friendly become now prerogatives essentials of this century. A first response is then provided by an offer of natural and / or organic care.. But the multitude of labels, and therefore of repositories, not to mention the complexity of these does not facilitatent not always the task for consumers who seek more and more to be reassured about the content. At January 1, 2018, unew international standard ISO 16128 has comee bring aglobal aid in defining a naturalness index to be affixed to the packs. This help has proven to be even more useful than since 1er July 2019 new rules are applicable to cosmetic claims and prohibit the use of the vast majority of "Free..." claims or ” 0%... 

In fear in the face of health scandals and increasing complexity rules, consumers have found refuge in the mobile applications that are now becoming the reference as Yuka or Clean Beauty which enlighten us as much as possible about the safety of the components: the labels are analyzed in a few seconds, the undesirable ingredients listed in INCI language are decoded.  They are a valuable tool for list problematic ingredients however, they have some limitations. For those who want to know more, we invite you to read our article on this topic

Once reassured about the "clean" composition of their cosmetics, consumers wonders about the quality of this composition. He sintéresse dénow at sourcing raw material and to transparency brand speech. He wants to knowîbe to his commitment and his actions in favor of saving our planèyou land. He then leans on the true quality plant extracts, excipients and becomes sensitive to those whose mode of transformation is respectful both skin but also of the plant and of the planet. Consumers take too consciousness discomfort consecutive ecological at a overconsumption of plastics and packagings. 

Is L'ODAÏTÈS a precursor ? 

We welcome this awareness! and are happy to find finally echo our fight on the importance of the origin and of the quality of the plant substance composing them care. When we started explaining the importance for our skin almost 5 years ago to benefit from virgin assets and therefore of the ing extraction moderédients, we were still looking at us with eyes all round ...    

Authenticity and transparency 

For us, the sourcing raw materialss and their quality are part integral to the story itself of our Mark. We were brought up as a child and witnessed the importance for our skin ofe benefit "real" virgin active substances. Their method of extraction as the cold pressing, bio fermentation or distillation play an essential role in preserving all the biological richness of nutrients thiss active. Thus, lchemical related of these nutrients with heartx of our skin allows optimal absorption. It is indeed this biomimicry phenomenon which notably plays an essential role in the effectiveness of our care for vour skin

The sourcing of raw materials is therefore fundamental in our brand and requires aîcomplete control of the process! True story family, is Nour sister chemist who source ALL raw materials and ensure maximum protection of the profits of nos assets. His expertise, his experience, his intimate knowledge of the field and his eye knowledgeable in recognizing and selecting the right variety and the best quality is an essential guarantee. La second, founder of a pharmaceutical laboratory, artwork for the formulation and the manufacturing and ensure the transmission of this knowledge- make an apothecary in accordance with the rules of the art and cosmetic standards current. Din this production line Nothing escapes us ! 

Convinced of the soundness of our materials and our formulations, we have been transparent from the start by publishing the INCI lists on our website: everything is indicated there including the percentage of naturalness. We also take pleasure in our blog to inform you about the importance ofu refining of ingredients, on the functioning of applications and labels, on the "alcohol" names, on the evolution of regulations, on the functioning of our skin, etc...  

Responsibility and commitment 

Like you, we are extremely sensitive to waste treatment and the environment when choosing our packaging and bottles. With each product creation, we thinkher useful and environmentally friendly while preserving quality and pleasure and we do our best even if we can certainly still do better. Already today, we have opted for the choice of glass as much as possible for our bottles. Why “as much as possible”? because the virginity of our active ingredients requires us, depending on the type of formulation, to use specific packaging to protect our compositions from air and light. We have also opted for recycled PET for make-up removal products. A little tip to know if a PET plastic bottle is recyclable or not, look for the existence of a triangular logo, usually affixed at the base the bottle, made up of 3 arrows in the center of which is written a number ranging from 1 to 7; only numbers 1 and 3 are easily reprocessed. Before throwing away your empty bottles, think also to remove pumps and covers to facilitate sorting for recycling. 

We limit the use ofcases for fragile products et have opted for recyclable paper printed help ofvegetable ink. This is also for an ecological concern that you do not findz no overwrapping cellophane or other and no more instructions either, our website allowing you to find all the information.  

When we leftes looking for spatulas for the use of our exfoliant, it was obviously out of the question to opt for a plastic spatula. We were happy to hear that our olive leaf powder supplier was ready to provide us with olive wood. We thus offered an income to the women artisans who chiseled, in this olive wood, of small spatulas. 

The ethicse and respect for the skin

Si the beauty sector has often been perceived as superficial, its actors are now developing a real awareness ofecological and galenic which fits into thetends to “Consume less but crumbux ”, with a return to basics. Lconsumers are looking for of minimalist treatments with concentrated and short formulas. And our treatments respond in essence to this request: our cleansing oil has barely 7 ingredients and is composede only real vegetable oilsOur serum is highly concentrated in virgin assets with almost 82% of assets. The emulsions require naturally more ingredients aiming toensure the stability and durability of oil blendsux and watery. The ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure especially the maximum protection of balances pH and the bacterial flora of our skin.  

Our range is short and includes all the necessary care for the care of the skin and can bedapter to all skin types. You are free to match the uses and dosage according to the nature of your skin and its needs depending on the season. All that's missing is the eye area to meet all your requests... At L’ODAÏTÈS we guarantee you going from 97% to 100% in ingredients of natural origin. We proscribe the use of any esterified oile, silicone or even mineral. All our excipients are clean and respectful the environment and skin balance we will not find in our products no ingredient decried or controversial 

Do not hesitate to ask us all your questions, we will be happyes to answer you.