Jojoba, a composition similar to the sebum of our skin

As you will understand, we have a "soft spot" for desert plants! Their ability to make this arid environment their favorite spot says a lot about their biological richness and their benefits for our skin (water uptake, resistance to oxidation, etc.). Today we are introducing you to jojoba. This century-old plant, nicknamed "Desert Gold", produces fruit the size of an olive that ripens in the fall, so it's time to harvest!

 A wax with a composition similar to sebum

From the pressure of the jojoba seeds is extracted an “oil” or more precisely a kind of liquid wax, very little greasy, of a gold color accompanied by a nutty scent. It is the only vegetable wax in existence. Given its richness in waxy components. It hardly goes rancid and resists oxidation and heat well.

We love it for its affinity and its power of absorption through the skin. It is, in fact, the vegetable oil whose composition most closely resembles that of the sebum of our skin. Thanks to this affinity, it penetrates easily without leaving a greasy sensation. It is also remarkable for its high content of specific polyunsaturated fatty acids which allows it a very good assimilation by the skin especially during aging.

Jojoba oil - superfood for the skin

This singular composition thanks to its high content of unsaponifiables gives it exceptional qualities. It has an action:

  • Healing and regenerating, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and fibroblasts
  • Balancing, it regulates the cutaneous sebaceous secretion
  • Protective, it creates a film that preserves the skin's natural hydration  
  • Anti UV, it is a natural sun protection filter 5
  • Emollient, it softens the skin
  • And finally anti-inflammatory, it fights acne and psoriasis and calms redness and irritation

Jojoba oil is not digested by humans. It remains reserved for the manufacture of candles, printing inks... or for cosmetic purposes. Moreover, you will find it on the label of a cosmetic treatment under its Latin name "Simmondsia Chinensis" and at the same time on the lists of ingredients of the Well-Aging Ange Sensationnel cream and Well-Aging Redensifying Serum Elixir Bonheur.