Honey and bees

Its harvest is not new and its first therapeutic uses date back to the pharaohs, 2000 BC, who already used it to heal and heal wounds and diseases as evidenced by the papyri.

Fell into them when we were little...

To have inherited and become aware of this wonder of nature since our childhood, we were keen to manufacture and collect our honey with the greatest care in the respect of our queens the bees. It is in the Var region, where the afforestation rate is well above the national average, that we have placed our precious beehives. Our nectar is honeydew honey, a precious honey produced by bees from the resin regurgitated by insects fed on the leaves of certain trees (oak, pine, fir, etc.). It has the great distinction of being richer in minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Its taste is just as astonishing: an aroma of character all in subtlety, soft without being too sweet, our rare honey produced in very small quantities is an enchantment of the senses. Our queens the bees revere every day for this divine offering.

Honey while respecting the conservation of bees

Our action revolves around a common project: saving extraordinary honey and promoting the habitat of our bees.

The structure of our beehives is designed for the comfort of its guests. The body of the hive contains the colony, the queen and the larvae as well as the reserve of honey necessary for the life of the ecosystem. The removable upper part which serves as a “honey granary” includes mobile frames. Our beekeeper only collects this part which does not contain larvae since the queen cannot access it.

For 30 years, the number of bees in France has continued to drop massively due to climatic disturbances but also to monocultures, pesticides, GMOs and parasites which notably disturb their foraging behavior via their navigation system. A first healthy but insufficient step should materialize on the 1er July 2020 with the total ban on the use of neonicotinoid insecticides that are the main killers of bees.

To engage is above all to share

Our brand's DNA is imbued with this precious elixir, which is treated with infinite respect. Even if the quantities manufactured are minimal, we have made the decision to share them with you. Once you've tasted this nectar, you'll never approach honey and bees the same way again.

To this end, we are pleased to offer you a 100ml jar of the 2017 harvest just received for any order of 89 € or more. Take the opportunity to place your order by clicking here