The 3 must-have beauty tips for summer

The 3 advice essential summer beauty 

Protecting, moisturizing and stimulating are undoubtedly the 3 essential tips, the basics of our beauty procedures during this summer period. In our last article, we have given you the keys to choose your sun protection, today we are offering you a kind of quiz, always more fun in the summer, to disentangle the false from the true about the hydration of our skin and stimulation of his blood circulation more than necessary once the summer temperatures are proven. Indeed, the blood circulation, at the heart of the proper functioning of our body, can see its quality altered during the summer. In question, the heat, which dilates the veins and forces the blood to stagnate in the lower body. This is why, beyond hydration, you need to help your body to boost blood circulation and thus oxygenate the skin.  


My food does not affect the hydration of my skin - FALSE 

We can't repeat it enough, but the number one beauty secret is hydration! It involves both food and care. In the first case, we particularly favor foods rich in water such as cucumber, radish, tomato or even watermelon, melon or strawberries. Know that tu these foods are composed of at least 90% water!  Beat regularly and throughout the day of course remains essential and indulge yourself by varying water or by doing infuse your favorite fruits in a fountain or carafe of water. 

I don't sweat much, so I need less to drink - FALSE 

Beyond the sweat, we must also act against another natural and imperceptible phenomenon which dehydrates us more or less permanently, and called Insensible Water Loss. This physiological natural phenomenon refers to the natural evaporation of water from the body, through respiration or skin evaporation. This is "free" water that comes from the dermis, passes through the different layers and evaporates or combines on the skin surface depending on the integrity of the stratum corneum.   

In summer, I don't use cream every day because my skin doesn't need hydration - FALSE 

On a cosmetic level, do not ignore good hydration on a daily basis. Favor treatments or oils rich in essential fatty acids which will consolidate the cement between your cells and prevent water from leaking. The more you apply a fatty care product rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), the better the efficiency of your skin barrier will be, which will therefore slow down this insensitive loss of water! Vary your summer diet by favoring first cold-pressed virgin oils, rich in omega 3 and 6 such as linseed, camelina, sesame or walnut oil, all perfect for cooking or seasoning dishes and salads. If we insist so much on hydration, it is because it also has the virtue of making circulate all the other nutrients within the labyrinths of your skin and therefore boost your antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection. Very valuable functions in the summer to ensure maximum quality and protection. 

Place your tonic or make-up remover lotions, especially if they are rich in botanical active ingredients, in the refrigerator to benefit from the astringent effect which helps tighten pores and limit water loss. 

Eating Fruit Helps Fight Heavy Legs - TRUE 

The preparation of the skin also involves food! And for that, we use and abuse foods that have an impact on blood circulation. We think in particular of red berries, strawberries, blackcurrants, blueberries or raspberries which thanks to their richness in flavonoids - plant pigments from the polyphenol family originally fruit coloring - tone the small vessels, promote venous return and which, you have no doubt recognized, have antioxidant properties. Ginger or turmeric, like chocolate are also excellent! In general, all foods rich in antioxidants represent an effective weapon for delaying the aging of our veins, caused in particular by exposure to the sun.  


A self-massage help to drain and stimulate venous return - TRUE 

And by draining, we mean to unclog and eliminate waste and toxins in the skin in order to better penetrate the active ingredients. For this, we can opt for draining herbal teas made from rosemary or dandelion which will relieve heavy legs. Fabienne Crocq, expert in wellness lifestyle, also advises you to indulge yourself during your holidays and to massage your legs using vegetable oils that you can enrich with a few drops of essential oils of lemon, cypress, cedar, juniper or grapefruit, all known for their draining properties. Fabienne emphasizes the importance of body language, specifying to start well with the tips of the toes, moving up to the hips while emphasizing the knees. The purpose of this maneuver is to raise the blood which tends to stagnate in the lower legs when it's too hot. The horsehair glove is also an ideal ally for stimulating circulation and removing dead skin. 

Immersing your body in cold water is enough to tone your limbs - TRUE and FALSE 

The freshness of water is one of the best and inexpensive ways to tone the limbs of the body. The best remaining seawater, rich in trace elements, to nourish the skin at the same time. Penjoy steps in the sea with the water at knee height. Regardless, to boost blood circulation, nothing beats a jet of cold water to finish the shower. For those looking for a very final solution, walking on cold ground can also help stimulate circulation in the lower body.  


If I put sunscreen, I can go in the sun without fear - FALSE 

Remember, sunscreen provides 50% UV protection at best! The hat remains an effective supplement. If you are under any medical treatment, contact your doctor or read the package leaflet. We always forget that certain drugs, and the list is extensive, present more or less significant reactions or risks of photosensitivity.