Spotlight on your Sève Divine light mask

And There you go, the ultimate treatment and not the least who offers a new one dress ! We are thus finalizing the “new” visual identity of our packaging, an identity that more faithfully expresses our history and our values. An identity where the bottles are now in brown or black to protect our skincare formulas even more., the freshness of their assets and thus continue to pamper you with the best of the substance vegetable. This light mask, Divine Sap, was not born yesterday ! It is the result of a long development in our sister's pharmaceutical laboratory from the mixture of our grandmother apothecary. We revisited it and him breathed new life while keeping its "soul"Quite a few of you already know him, let's see together its peculiarities  

 1. Composition - active ingredients and excipients - of our Sève Divine light mask  

The golden, luminous pulp of cold-pressed dates is the key ingredient in our mask. It is even the second ingredient in terms of concentration, that’s saying it all sure lat rich content of our mask in this energizing sap ! This sap is taken from the pulp of dates of the variety "Deglet Nour" provenant palm groves in the south-west is tunisian. This variety of dates was chosen for its content particularly important in polyphenols, molecules acting against the aging of notbones small cells. You can find all the benefits of the date for our skin in theitem a date not to be missed. Our mask also contains oil apricot kernels, good virgin sure, cultivated in orchards turcs. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, the main restructuring agents ofe our epidermisthis oil acts as a supplement to preserve the hydration, firmness and suppleness of our skin. Honey, the third key active ingredient in this mask, offers the skin its extraordinary antiseptic actions, restorative and moisturizers. He comes from beekeepers FrenchClayactive certainly usual but really effectivealso comes from France and was chosen for its ability to exchange minerals for toxins in the skin. Thus, eshe remineralizes and purifies your skin. This mask includes, beyond these flagship assetsyourgood other assets like vitamin E, beeswax, theseaweed extract, etc. It contains of course an emulsifier composed of several substances of 100% vegetable origin pallowing of make aqueous and oily substances miscible. The other excipients are objective of preserving, adjusting the pH, to stabilize or to protect the formula from oxidation. Our mask also contains a tiny amount of fragrance that is harmless as well cutaneous that eyepiece has been widely proven. Obviously, each of the excipients of the mask has her clean function and it is with pleasure that we answerat to your questions about it.  

2. Benefits of our Sève Divine light mask  

Energize, plump, smooth and enlighten! here are the main virtues of our light mask. Sève Divine deploys all its actions and in particular boosts cellular exchanges and gives a boost that awakens the entire cellular metabolism and immediately dresses the skin of the face with light. It even happens that cthis powerful energy goes hand in hand, for some skins, of sensations of'warming up or from light tinglings who disappear immediately after the first few minutes after application and that are in no way a sign of intolerance reactions. To preserve the freshness of the date sap and other flagship assets, we packaged the mask in a bottle « atirless ». When using the bottle, thepossible residue which are deposited on the orifice of the airless pump risk brown s'they stay in touch air, this is a natural phenomenon linked to polyphenols in dates, the flesh of an appleexposed to air. Just eliminate it !  

Used, summer and winter, this mask fights the oxidation of your cells, refines the texture of your skin and fills its wrinkles. The in vivo test demonstrated a decrease in wrinkle depth jup to -40%, measurement evaluated 1 hour after application. 

 3. Tips of our Sève Divine light mask  

Apply it on damp skin in a medium layer, leave it to pose at least 10 minutesutes, 1 hour or even 1 night for more in-depth action You can apply it once or twice a week or as a 7-day treatment to boost the skin. Thanks to its color « nude », you can apply it while having breakfast, jogging, your gym session or looking at a movie. In summer place it in the fridge to purify, further tighten the pores and smooth the skin. In any case, remember to emulsify it before rinsing well and apply your usual cream. 

We give you a secret "stung" from beauticians. To benefit from the effectiveness of the gradual release of ses active, apply a thick layer (6-8 doses) to cleansed and moistened skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Leave on for 10 minutes. Emulsify with a little water and leave to act for another 10 minutes; emulsify again with a little water and leave to act for another 10 minutes. Then remove all residues with a sponge or dabbing with a towel and apply your usual cream. 

4. What do the scoring apps think of our light mask?   

ATnear the multiple health scandals, rating applications have made it possible to respond to customer reinsurance needs and were thus very successful. Even if they have theirs limits, however, they provide information on the quality and it is interesting to compare the results different applications for a good opinion documented. here are the nice notes obtained for our maskIt is judged "Excellent" on Yuka with a note of 100/100. The application INCI Beauty Note 18,2/20. As for the Clean Beauty application, it indicates as conclusion "No controversial ingredient or allergens detected". 

5. What do the experts, the press and users think of our light mask?  

The idea is not to give you a list of reviews but to just give you a snippet of customer comments on our site web " Divine productExtraordinary, a soft and tightening effect at the same time…" and an excerpt from the commentary by facialist expert Delphine Langlois who quotes in BIBA "The most effective mask ever tested... the result is astounding!". We leave you consult in more detail other opinions or the press that you will find on our site.   

Having said that, L'ODAÏTÈS exists for you and by you, which is why we pay special attention to your comments so keep testing it and send us your questions and comments, we love it! 

We hope that you will have as much pleasure to enjoy this light mask that we had to make up.