Protect your skin during very cold weather

We all agree that at the moment it is really very cold and this everywhere in France! Even the lucky ones from the south of France who taunt us with their "I don't know what you're talking about, it's nice and warm here" have put on down jackets, hats and gloves.
With the announcement of the arrival of polar cold, our body is about to experience an ordeal to which it will react by deploying a whole mechanism of heat exchange regulation.

What does our skin undergo during periods of intense cold?

Extreme cold causes a phenomenon of cutaneous vasoconstriction, that is to say a phenomenon which makes it possible to tighten the diameter of the peripheral vessels and which strongly attenuates the continual production of water vapor, thus causing the skin to dry out. The protective function of the hydrolipidic film, about which we speak to you regularly, is then undermined and we witness inflammatory reactions which manifest themselves by redness, dermatitis, itching...

The face and hands, being the parts of the body the least covered and therefore the most exposed to cold and dryness, must be absolutely protected as a priority. But be careful to do it well!

Some easy-to-apply tips for optimal protection 

Follow these few simple tips:

  • just like for your body, consider adding a “coat” to your face to protect it by reinforcing its hydration. To do this, apply a layer of your serum on your face and neck, in addition to your usual cream. Our Ange Sensationnel and our Elixir Bonheur particularly rich in active ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties will perfectly know how to fight against these inflammatory reactions caused by the cold. 
  • remember to feed and hydrate more frequently. Always keep an ultra nourishing treatment close at hand, in your pocket or bag. The most important thing is not to apply a thick layer because the skin will absorb only the part it needs, but rather to apply the necessary amount several times a day. Our balm "Secret Nomade"  With its bottle equipped with a roll-on ball and its nourishing composition will be the ideal companion for immediately moisturizing, softening and soothing all sensations of dryness and tightness on all areas of the body and in particular neck, lip contour, hands, insisting on the phalanges and between the fingers. 
  • Above all, avoid falling into the opposite excess by overheating your living space, 19 ° C is sufficient for your well-being and also prevents you from exposing yourself to large temperature variations which put a strain on the skin.

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