For Valentine's Day, call on antioxidants, friends who only want you good

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. And we're all telling each other that this party is commercial, that it has no value and blah blah blah. And yet, a little voice deep inside us pushes us to be the most radiant, the most fabulous, the most luminous... well, you get what I mean. Whether you go for a romantic candlelight dinner or a relaxed evening with friends, you want to be on top !!!  
Our mission, and we accept it, is to help you have the prettiest skin so as to put it in the eyes of all those who will have eyes only for you.

What is the plan of attack? We turn to our best friends, antioxidants.

What is an antioxidant?

Long ignored, the term antioxidant is now part of our daily jargon to evoke a fruit, a dish, a diet... But then what does this mean precisely and what mechanism does it bring into play?  

It's actually quite simple: It is a mechanism initiated by an imbalance between 2 permanent processes: formation versus elimination of so-called "oxidizing" chemical species normally produced in limited quantities. 

This imbalance, caused by light radiation, solar radiation, external pollution, tobacco, etc., generates oxidative stress, that is to say an excessive formation of oxidizing species that the body can no longer fight and which will alter our healthy cells, cause skin pathologies, accelerate cellular and molecular aging, greatly increase the risk of cancer, etc.

Who are the benefactor warriors who will protect our body and our skin from these oxidizing species? they are antioxidant molecules, naturally present in it, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione, selenium, zinc, carotenoids, flavonoids, etc... but they will need reinforcement to come to the end of the fight and for this there are therefore no other choices than to increase their intake and concentration through our diet and the application of suitable cosmetic products.

Where can you find antioxidants?

So do your body good by using very colorful fruits and vegetables (orange, yellow, red, purple), virgin vegetable oils, whole grains, seafood and nuts, green tea, dark chocolate without forgetting the red wine!

The same rule applies to your skin! Apply treatments rich in active ingredients with these antioxidant molecules such as dates which have a content of selenium, zinc, carotenoids, polyphenols... And favor natural components and unrefined oils which will fill your skin with all their virtues. 

Ladies, we are not wasting time and we are taking action. You get it, having a radiant complexion is a must. On our side, we will dope our skin with the light mask Sève Divine to be the sun we miss so much at this time.

With the purchase of a Sève Divine mask, we are offering you a very nice surprise to accompany you on a daily basis. So do you agree to be our Valentine?