The hydrolipidic film: the 1st protective shield for our skin!

We have been giving you practical advice for taking care of your beautiful skin for a few weeks now. Today's is by far the most important of all. So grab your pencils, now is the time to take notes! As the old saying goes: "who wants to go far, take care of his mount!". You get it, in our case it's the hydrolipidic film. Taking care of it is the first beauty step if we want to preserve its freshness and youthfulness. So how do you do it?

Protecting your skin is above all strengthening your hydrolipidic film

To do this, you first have to understand what it is. The hydrolipidic film is a homogeneous mixture consisting of an aqueous phase and a lipid phase. The aqueous phase, composed mainly of sweat, is responsible in particular for maintaining the acidity of the skin thanks to the strong buffering power of amino acids. The lipid phase, made up of sebum and cell lipids, ensures its hydration because it prevents the skin from losing its water. The balance between its two phases is essential and its composition varies with age, skin temperature, diet... Important information, the skin's pH is 5.5, therefore acidic! Yes Ladies, pH neutral products are not suitable for your skin. 

To play its role of protective film and ensure its barrier function against aggression and the penetration of foreign substances, it is necessary on the one hand to maintain its acidity and its proportion of lipids which guarantee it antimicrobial protection and on the other hand preserve its amino acids and lipids which are the key elements to play its role of hydration of the skin. So think about pampering it! 

I want to give him a boost, what should I do?

For this, 3 basic rules: 

First of all, choose skincare products and in particular make-up removing and / or cleansing waters that preserve this fragile balance, eliminate any excessively aggressive cosmetic product containing, by way of example only because the list is long, Sodium lauryl sulphate or phenoxyethanol or even disodium EDTA.

Cleanse your skin every night is an essential gesture even for those who do not wear makeup. The important thing is to get rid of dead cells, pollution, excess sebum... and thus allow the penetration of night care.

The clever blend of fresh Aloe Vera juice and orange blossom water present in "Pure Merveille" will preserve the integrity of the hydrolipidic film and purify your skin without destabilizing its natural pH. 

Finally, know that tap water, loaded with chlorine and limestone, is not an ally because of its drying action. In addition, its pH close to 7 is not really ideal for our skin (whose pH is around 5.5).

It's so easy to take care of and at the same time so "profitable" that it would be a shame to miss it!