Biomimicry, a beneficial biological relationship

This is a statement, the trend is natural. From our plates to our cosmetics, we hear about organic, natural, chemical compounds... Regarding the world of cosmetics, the theories are diverse and the complexity of the formulas are often inaccessible. So how do you choose the right product? To help you and save you time, we explain to you in general the mode of absorption of our skin and give you an insight into the capacity of our skin to absorb one product rather than another and especially to assimilate it.

The skin, a barrier that doesn't let anyone in

As you have already read in our previous article, the hydrolipidic film of your skin has a barrier function against the penetration of foreign substances. However, this barrier function is not absolute, that is to say that the skin is still permeable and its degree of permeability will depend on:

• of its physiological state (thickness, hydration, skin condition ...

• and the characteristics of the product applied.

Indeed, the ability of a product to cross the stratum corneum depends first of all on the size of the molecules contained in its composition. To put it simply, the smaller it is, the deeper the penetration can even reach the dermis. It also depends on its degree of affinity with the stratum corneum. And the stake is there!

What the study of plants brings to the understanding of skin function

We know that faced with external aggressions (solar rays, drought, high temperature), plants have been able to develop their own defense system and it is interesting to note the similarity and chemical kinship of the defense system activated by the plant and by our skin!

It is therefore easy to understand that the more the active ingredient extracted from nature will have components similar in nature to the components of our skin, the more there will be affinity and therefore optimized assimilation. Such an active capable of mimicking or imitating a molecule naturally present in the skin is called a biomimetic active.

As a result, all the active ingredients extracted from nature (plants, sea, etc.) composed of molecules already present in our skin, provided that the extraction method has made it possible to preserve the biological richness of the original element are known as biomimetic.

Thus, our assets such as our pure virgin oils (with their essential fatty acids), cold-extracted date sap (with its amino acids, trace elements, polyphenols, etc.), fresh juice from Aloe vera (with its vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals, ...), hyaluronic acid (extracted from the bio-fermentation of bacteria), etc... are simple examples of biomimetic active ingredients.

This is why our formulations which contain active plant substances identical or similar to the components of our skin give excellent results. All you have to do is enjoy it without moderation...

Awareness of the importance of bio-mimicry in cosmetics is a growing phenomenon today because the essential thing lies above all in our skin's ability to assimilate.