Our story with plants

A long story... 

Created by 3 sisters passionate about the virtues of flora and initiated from their earliest childhood to know-how apothecary from their grandmother, L’ODAÏTÈS is above all a history of sharing and transmission... An intergenerational sharing that has bequeathed a real cultural heritage and a strong desire to return to the roots and the very essence of cosmetic care.  

These 3 enthusiasts have preserved in memory all the art of care from formulation to the application, in order to create a range of exceptional treatments. 

Thanks to the know-how of their apothecary grandmother and to their pharmaceutical expertise they focused on selecting raw materials and substances rare, preciousthese, noble and preserve them in their purest form to obtain high quality and precious care.  

If the care ODAÏTÈS are mainly composed of desert plants - such as the palm tree, the desert date palm, the aloe vera, prickly pear, etc... -it is not by chance... Indeed the mechanism of natural selection has proven their ability to survive in extreme conditions without water and in direct sunlight. This mechanism is due to the presence within them of molecules capable of capturing water, neutralizing oxidative stress and repairing the harmful effects of the oxidation make them prodigious active ingredients for the skin.   

We let you discover more through this video in which is detailed the story of L'ODAÏTÈS.

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