How to prepare your skin for summer?

The arrival of summer marks the return of the sun and the heat. Often associated with holidays, the hot season is the perfect time to recharge your batteries and enjoy nature. It's also an opportunity to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables ! In summer, there is a very wide variety of fruits and vegetables, a wide palette of shimmering colors that invites us to indulge in delicacies. Raw or cooked, this is the perfect season to enjoy all their benefits. Nature being well made, they are often waterlogged and low in calories.

It is also an invaluable source of vitamins and nutrients to help us hydrate and protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun. Here are lots of tips, tricks and ideas to protect yourself, give your body the best it can with and enjoy beautiful skin this summer!

What to eat to prepare your skin's natural defenses against UV rays?

With the arrival of the beautiful season, which is synonymous with strong radiation and sun exposure, you can help your body, other than by using sunscreens which remain essential, to protect itself from the harmful effects of the sun. For this, you can already do cures or have recourse to food supplements very rich in beta-carotene. It is a photosynthetic pigment, a precursor of vitamin A, which has the advantage of absorbing certain solar rays. A gift that nature offers you, so it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

You will find this pigment in carrots, cooked sweet potatoes, apricots, mangoes or even dates. You can also find it in parsley or dandelion, spinach leaves or even thyme, all very good to garnish your summer salads! Even more original for the curious, go taste the powder of the tropical fruit urucum much richer in beta-carotene. This Amazonian fruit is distinguished by its richness in bixin, a molecule close to beta-carotene which strongly stimulates the production of melanin. You can find it in organic grocery stores, you just need a teaspoon to dilute in your drinks, fruit juices, smoothies or even to season summer salads!

How to limit the harmful effect of UV rays?

The hot season allows you to fill up with essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. In fact, to protect themselves from external aggressions, fruits and vegetables tend to naturally produce more vitamins and antioxidants, these nuggets which act against cellular aging by limiting the production of free radicals. You will find them in all fruits, vegetables and roots, very colorful whether they are red, purple, blue or dark green (blueberries, raspberries, spinach, chard, etc.) or in dark chocolate provided that the cocoa content is at least 80%. Also remember to stock up on vitamins A, C and E. Remember that vitamins A and E can be stored in the body, unlike vitamin C, which must be ensured every day! Remember to vary the vegetal oils also in your summer salads by opting for nut oils, hazelnuts or grape seed oils.

most  ? When they are in season, the nutritional properties of fruits and vegetables are better preserved. However, be sure to favor products from organic farming to limit the risk of consuming pesticides or other chemicals. The colorful salads and thirst-quenching juices are yours ! Without forgetting the 2 dates in the morning which will ensure a good supply of provitamin A and antioxidants.
However and whatever your diet, to protect yourself from the harmful action of the sun, the protection with sunscreen with maximum anti UVA and UVB index remains, of course, the first essential gesture and this in the morning and several times a day.

Stimulate the digestive system and hydrate the body even more

As temperatures rise, the digestive system slows down and your skin sweats. You already know that it is essential to drink two to three liters of water per day. But to stimulate digestion and make you want to drink even more, add a few drops of lemon to your bottle and, if possible, several mint leaves.
Very refreshing, thealoe vera deeply refreshes and hydrates the skin. The ideal would be to drink even a ½ glass of fresh organic aloe vera juice in the morning to which you have added a few drops of lemon beforehand to lighten the taste of aloe. Yes it's true aloe vera juice is not good but the lemon will help swallow that half a glass!
Remember to also drink fermented milk, excellent for digestion and especially to preserve the natural defenses and in particular the microbiota of your body and your skin! and if you don't like fermented milk, a teaspoon of pollen in the morning will do your intestinal transit a lot of good.

For tea lovers, you also have the possibility to prepare your favorite drink and let it stand for a few hours in the fridge. Thrills guaranteed!

Support the body with a fast

The transition from spring to summer is the perfect opportunity to fast or follow a monodiet. With heat, the feeling of hunger is often reduced, which facilitates their achievement. Practiced over a few days and without excess, fasting purifies the body in depth, neutralizes inflammation and preserves good health and longevity of the body. The principle is to force yourself not to eat for 16 hours in a row. So it's about skipping a meal. In fact, the goal is not so much to lose weight, even if such a fast for a few days in a row allows you to lose it quickly, but the goal is to calm the inflammatory state in the body generated by the digestion of a meal which lasts about 8 hours. This is precisely what will bring great benefit to your health and help you regain beautiful skin since you decrease the inflammatory load in the body. You can benefit from this fast even for one day a week, and you can eat and drink alcohol, including alcohol without regrets (in moderation).

To finish, one last tip! Synonymous with warmth and rest, summer is also the season when blood circulation is compromised. So think about boosting the venous and lymphatic circulation. Massage your feet and calves from the toes, always finish your showers with a large jet of cold water on the body or at least on the feet or remember to lift your legs when you are lounging on a sofa.