Understanding the barbaric names that surround our cosmetics - the words that make you buy

The good maintenance of the skin of our body and in particular of the more fragile one of the face, depends on an exemplary routine and the choice of the right products. For that, comes into account a whole unscrupulous marketing which very often puts the composition in the background. A sacrilege for this new generation committed to cosmetic values of a new genre and for whom skincare must be the healthiest and most transparent. For this, everything depends on the ingredients and their active ingredients with sweet barbaric names, generally misunderstood by the general public, and on the substances that make up our skin. Essential or harmful, let's decipher together their role and the justification for their presence within a whole range of cosmetics.  


Who are they ?  

They bear the name of mineral salts, trace elements, amino acids, polyphenols, peptides, or even hyaluronic acid, to name just a few... So many barbaric names whose role or presence are not always understood by the general public. What do they mean? What are they for ? which is their origin ?  

It must be said that indeed, all these compounds are not there by chance. Personally, they all have a talent that is good for our skin and is well justified in the composition. Combined with each other, they respond to all skin problems and protect the skin's capital. Here are just a few of the most common ones whose importance is crucial and which should finally enlighten you on the understanding and the true composition of your care.  

Mineral salts, the basic substances  

Mineral salts are organic substances required to the functioning of our organization with in particular an important role in the battle against skin aging. They are present as ions. These are the ions of iron, de calcium, or sodium, to name a few. Our hydrolipidic film contains inorganic substances, we find mainly sodium chloride which also gives the salty taste to sweat and also calcium, phosphate and trace elements. Calcium potentiates cellular exchanges and is essential for the process of cell renewal. It is also one of the main mineral constituents of nail keratin  


Trace elements, the little repairing soldiers  

Trace elements (zinc, copper, selenium, etc.) are mineral salts essential to our body, but only in very small quantities. When present at too high levels, they become toxic to the body.  Their presence is essential in the process of fighting the oxidation of our cells and inflammation. Zinc and copperfor example, intervene in the repair and regeneration of our cells. Selenium also plays a role in stabilization of keratin molecules and regulation of inflammation. Their presence thus has a direct impact on microcirculation, skin appearance, hydration, collagen synthesis, elasticity and healing.  


Polyphenols, antioxidants  ultimate  

Issus of plants, polyphenols are molecules extremely powerful plants that allow the plant species to defend itself against attacks from its own environment. You must have undoubtedly heard of the best known as tannins or flavonoidsThey are able to inactivate free radicals, these toxic oxidizing species that accelerate aging of our cells and damage the DNA in our skin. They also have antimicrobial and antifungal functions. To find them, direction roots, the vegetables, the fruits, which are very colorful... Moreover, these polyphenols are contained in high concentrations in the date, which remains our flagship active ingredient, to be found in the radiance mask "Sève Divine” or in our intense care cream “Ange Sensationnel”. 


Essential fatty acids, the shields of our skin's water reserves 

Essential fatty acids are organic lipids which are said to be essential because they are generally not or hardly at all synthesized by the body. They must, therefore, come from an outside source such as food or cosmetics. They consolidate the intercellular cement that binds our cells together and which thus helps to slow down the insensible water loss (PIE), this permanent "leak" of water. They also play a very valuable anti-inflammatory role. It is therefore appropriate of ensure a regular supply of essential fatty acids to benefit from supple, plumped skin, closed and hydrated. For amateurs, know that our redensifying serum "Elixir Bonheur» full of them.  


Fruit acidsthe cleaners which smooth and lightning boltshout the skin 

Fruit acids are mainly derived from fruit sugars also called AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). They can be of natural or synthetic origin. The best known are lactic, malic (from apple), glycolic, citric and tartaric (found in grapes). AHAs are generally used to smooth the skin, even out and brighten the complexion. They accelerate the rate of cell renewal. Lactic acid, used in food for its antioxidant power, is appreciated in cosmetics for its strong moisturizing power. It's easy to spot them within a long list of components! They are visible thanks to their scientific name (glycolic acidmalic acid, etc.) and other names constructed on the “hydroxy” model. At very low concentrations, between 2 and 5%, they have a moisturizing power by retaining water on the surface of the skin. Beyond, between 12 and 70% they have an exfoliating potential can go to the peeling, moreover, this is the very principle of scrubs chemical exfoliation as opposed to mechanical exfoliation. The catch is that they remain strong enough and therefore quite irritating to the skin especially in case of repeated use


Hyaluronic acid, lhas more powerful sponges for a full and plumped skin 

Hyaluronic acid, the component par excellence of the extracellular matrix, is a "sponge capable of absorbing 80 to 300 times its volume in water depending on its degree of elaboration. It is the source of natural hydration, tone and elasticity of the skin. External factors such as the sun, tobacco, pollution, alcohol, etc. are at the origin of its destruction. It is present in large quantities in young organisms, and its production decreases with age. It is even estimated that from the age of 50, men and women only own half of it. To fight relaxation cutaneous ensuing, cosmetics rely on creams rich in hyaluronic acid to fill and delay, at most late, the first or deepest wrinkles. 


Collagen and elastin, pillars at the origin of the firmness and suppleness of notour skin  

Collagen is a family of fibrous proteins who constituteent connective tissues and that shape their structure. It is the same with elastin, the protein that makes up the elastic fibers in our skin. All these proteins confer to the skin mechanical resistance to stretching. Unlike elastin also found in connective tissue, collagen is inextensible and resists traction well. Contained in the fibers of the dermis, collagen and elastin experience a decrease in their concentration after 25 years.  


Retinoic acid, a good antioxidant 

It is a derivative of vitamin A that has been scientifically proven to be used against aging. Its prolonged use could restart the production of collagen and therefore, slow down the skin aging. However, it has not been proven effective on deep wrinkles. However, it remains irritating to the skin 


Amino acids, the fundamentals for the youthfulness of our skin 

Amino acids are vital for our organism and occupy an important place as basic constituents of proteins. They are generally called the "links" of the latter, whose presence is essential in maintaining the youthfulness of the skin. We recognize them at their shape comparable to that of a "necklace" made up of hundreds to several thousand pearls which are none other than amino acids. They alone, they feed, hydrate and strengthen connective tissue and allows himtry so to remain flexible and elastic. There are about 20 of them in the body, but here it is creatine that has the most important role, namely that of ensuring the functions of the skin and stimulating the production of collagen. 



Peptides are small chains of amino acids that form the basis of collagen. They are highly valued in cosmetics as they help maintain skin firmness and the production of natural collagen.  


Opt for complete botanical assets 

The more care you choose at lowofactive to action complete plus you can meet the various needs of the skin in these various substances. At L’ODAÏTÈS, we have an ingenious flagship active ingredient capable of bringing together all the components necessary for regeneration, hydration and repair of the skin. Date sap which benefits from a truly unique and rich composition to the both in trace elements, polyphenols, essential fatty acids, amino acids and polysaccharides. Beyond this richness, the simultaneous presence of these nutrients creates a synergy which potentiates and multiplies the effects of each. In order to best preserve the biological richness of this golden and light nectar, we proceed to its cold extraction which allows you to retain all of its benefits that you will find in our radiance mask "Sève Divine", our intense care cream "Ange Sensationnel" and in our gentle exfoliant "Pépite de la Palmeraie"  


How to preserve and maintain your skin?  

With age, the skin inevitably takes on a new small turning point on a daily basis, and in particular in its fight against external aggressions and the permanent oxidation of our cells and cellular lipidsIn addition, qWhenever it happens, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, among others, will see their quantity drop over the years, even if it is halved around the age of 50. It is therefore important, in order to limit this fall, to preserve your skin as best as possible. For this, we orient ourselves first of all towards a balanced diet and we do everything for limit tobacco, sun exposure and to pollution. InThen, day and night, we take care of our skin by the daily application of cleansers, serum and cream without forgetting the regular treatment of mask and exfoliant which will boost and potentiate the action of your care. The more you give to your skin, the more it will give you back!