The new cosmetics landscape is emerging

We already told you, a few weeks ago, from the point of view of two experts we interviewed on the new consumption patterns emerging after this particular and difficult period that we all went through. This time, we wanted to share with you the opinion of a twenty experts gathered during the special edition of the E-day of beauty sure the future of the cosmetics industry. We wanted you tell what has changed and the main trends that have emerged as well as those that will continue.  

In this episode of crisis, we asked ourselves many questions. What will be the impact of closing our places of sale? How will our clients react to this crisis? How will consumption needs and desires evolve? What will be the trend in a few years of cosmetic purchase behaviour? We have exchanged with our readers, our customeres and our community who have given us great positive energy.  

It appears that the outcome of this period dconfinement, each brand, in their own way way, refocused on thair raison d'être, to be inventive, adapt and find your way to answer the new staked, what are these issues ?  

Is purchasing skincare products online a real trend? 

A good number of consumers were good chilly at the idea of buying cosmetics online. It is true that for a new product, it is essential to test, beforehand, the texture, the perfume, efficiency, etc. and the brands have endeavored to strengthen the means to meet this need. For the little story, at L’ODAÏTES we already offer a discovery kit allowing to test and discover our treatments at home! 😊. However for a redemption of product, the online purchase was certainly appropriate but it turns out that for many people, especially those over a certain age, thist act representede a new practice. Lockdown was the occasion to remove this handicap, to set up this new habit and to appropriate the tools. For their part, brands are looking to develop technologies on their online site that make it possible to respond to such questions about the content of care or to strengthen interactions. 

Even if there is a slowdown online sales after resumption of activity, the trend remains clearly on the rise, thus demonstrating the capacity ofPart ofmore and more important of consumers to appropriate these new buying habits. Is this a trendfor the long term? Several studies show that it may well represent between 50 and 60% of sales in the futureL'Oréal saw a 53% increase in its online sales volume. Retailers are each preparing for her way to capture the part of the traffic they lose in their point of sale and seek to compensate by offering consumerof live ofs experiences new at their point of sale. They organize themselves for maintain the contact with the consumer. Thus Sephora has developed sale via an Instagram shop so as not to lose the client who surfs on the Instagram application ; l'goal being to "sell at the moment" 

At L’ODAÏTÈS, We have had the joy of seeing a great increase on our Discovery kit purchases and we were very pleasantly reinforced by the trust that we have witnessed from our community with online sales that have doubled. 

The digitization of our past lifestylese so at top speed. Brands have worked their strategy for a stronger digital presence and have developed numerous content in record time in their communication.  

Digital is attractive, but physical stores continue to occupy an important place in habits. Among young people, 80% prefer to buy their beauty products in store in order to discover the product eyou benefitr the "human" aspect of the shopping experience.  

So, lThe episode we went through accelerateder the balance between humanization and digitization. There is even talk of a real paradox between hyper-digitalization and hyper-humanization or consumers researchnt at a time the speed and human interaction. The technology is therefore not the "enemy" of physical points of sales ; it is the partner of traditional actions. Tomorrow, omnichannel will be the key to brands' success and balance between digital and physical. 

The need of clean, " sincere " and human cosmetics

The pandemic has put highlight the importance of safety, local and sustainable in terms of consumption. The year 2020 will be definitely marked from a stronger relation to nature and more engaged. Cosmetics are no exception to the rule with an ecological commitment mays also human. The French want to consume in a way more reasoned and Bnurturing. We are talking about " wake-up call "Or" green wave ». This need for a " green beauty ”has been around for years, But he is well confirmed with crisis. 

More than ever, consumers need to understand, know and be informed: transparency therefore occupies a very important part in new consumption habits. They wish to know, among other things, the potential ingredients that could harm their health, and be able tos to decrypt a INCI list in order to identify them. La composition of the formulas and especially the share of natural and clean ingredients are become criteria keys to the point that some brands were brought to think their DNA, their philosophy and thus review their formulas.  

Brands are now on a mission to educate, reach out and reach out to consumers. We at so seen increase, for example, the popularity of the sessions « live », real-time videos to Instagram account from mobile phone. These "lives" allow both create a link with your community and to interact with sare members. Vou can also (re) discover our « lives " and all our tips and tricks with the facialist Catherine Burges on our site or our account instagram to take advantage of all the product tips and advice. This digital tool also makes it possible to transmit to the participants a sensory experience via the gestuals massage. Eshes sharingnt so with us a moment of pleasureof conviviality and proximity which strengthen theBelongsance to a communityWhen a brand creates this spirit of belonging, it becomes better in the daily life of consumers, and becomes what is called a "living brand". 

Through our history and the very essence of our brand, nowe already embody this "Green wave" : we develop clean, effective, caring and emotional formulas. We honor thea matter, the nobility of the ingredients and let's privilege the use of "real" raw materials virgins still enjoying all their biological richness to offer a real moment of sensoriality and efficiency! For some time now, we have liked to share with you via our blog the composition and transparency of our formulations, the decryption of product compositions and claims, the definition of naturalness standards, etc. On each page product from our site, you will find the list of ingredients, the share of ingredients of natural origin, the product's Yuka score, as well as its INCI score Beauty. 

We look forward to this new trend and look forward to all your questions...