Yoga and facial gymnastics: new natural methods!

Preserving, energizing and enhancing the skin of our face is the wish of many of us. Our food, our sleep and our lifestyle come into play, as do genetics, structure, muscle mass and skin quality. It's a whole. But did you also know that it is possible to boost the dynamism and youthfulness of your skin by other methods that boost the benefits of your products?

Indeed, it is about facial gymnastics and facial yoga which are methods and techniques that involve the muscular work of the face and neck. Before you discover them, we will first enlighten you on these muscles that make up our face and which give it all its expression.

1.    What are these facial muscles?

We do not all have the same face shape: it is the skeleton of the face that structures this shape and that makes each of us unique! The musculature of our face is generally similar. There are about fifty facial muscles, including:

  • The frontal muscles (at the level of the forehead)

  • The temporal and orbicular muscles (around the eyes)

  • The zygomatic and buccinator muscles (in the cheeks)

  • The levator muscles of the upper lip and orbicularis of the mouth

  • The digastric muscle (at the level of the neck) ...

Musculature du visage

Over time, these muscles lose tone and volume. Besides that, bone mass decreases with age, the skin becomes less oily, duller, and it produces less hyaluronic acid, this compressible gel that gives it its volume. Wrinkles appear, especially in the upper third of the face (frown lines, glabella, crow's feet), the face loses its oval shape and the neck sags.

The good news is that you will be able to combat all this by doing “sport” for your face and especially not by having recourse to aesthetic medicine sessions or a facelift. Strong facial muscles have very useful properties in remedying the signs of aging. If you contract them regularly through facial gymnastics exercises, you will restore thickness to your dermis! Indeed, facial gymnastics and facial yoga are great opportunities to improve blood circulation, stimulate cell renewal, increase collagen production and elastin secretion. We tell you more.

2.    What are facial yoga and facial gymnastics?

Born in the late 1970s, the technique of facial yoga consists of to practice exercises for all areas of the face - lips, chin, cheeks, forehead, eye contour, nothing escapes - with the aim of naturally stimulating microcirculation, toning the muscles and stretching them in order to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, lift the features that have sagged , prevent loss of skin firmness and restore suppleness to the skin.

Like facial yoga, facial gymnastics has anti-aging properties. Both techniques share the same goal and are based on the same types of exercises to stimulate and tone muscles. Yoga, however, encompasses a spiritual and holistic dimension in order to regain power over one's body and skin.

Here are 3 or 4 facial gymnastics exercises to practice. However, before embarking on the first exercise, observe the diagram of the musculature of the face and try to understand the position of these muscles on your face in order to properly adapt your massage gestures and the areas to be treated as a priority. At the start, remember 2 or 3 simple exercises and you can gradually expand.

The idea is not to describe in detail all the gestures here, it would be much more effective to view them on the net, here is an example . The objective is to make you aware of this subject so that it becomes part of your habits, as a "sport practice" that you can practice anytime and anywhere. Ideally, all of these exercises should be repeated 10 times and performed every other day to start and then once a week. For example, in the evening after removing makeup or in the morning before putting on your cream. Perseverance is essential.

The lion's wrinkle

Place your fingers apart on your forehead at the level of your eyebrows. Then, pull your forehead upwards from the skull while pressing hard for 5 seconds. At the same time, gently raise and lower your eyebrows.

The double chin

Simply pull your tongue out as far as possible, pointing it down, for 5 seconds as if you wanted to touch your chin. During the exercise, you should feel a contraction under your chin, which means that you are toning the muscles.

The oval of the face

Press the tip of your tongue very strongly on your palate for 5 seconds, then release. Another exercise is to place your fist under the chin, then push hard with the chin on the fist, down for 5 seconds.

3. Facialists: professionals dedicated to the well-being of your face

So that your face regains its youth and freshness of yesteryear, it is also possible to turn to a facialist. This niche profession, straight from Anglo-Saxon culture, revolves exclusively around the sensitivity and complexity of the face.

Facialists generally offer deep and pointed massages based on very precise gestural techniques. For example, we can cite KOBIDO, a massage technique which uses all the muscles of the face and which intervenes on the meridians as well as on the acupuncture points. In particular, it helps rebalance the circulation of energy in the face and neck, at the origin of the youthfulness of the skin.

Face Sculpting, performed by a facialist, is a technique that involves massaging the mouth to work on muscle junctions and reduce the signs of aging.

And if you took advantage of your night care to do self-massage, this is indeed the best time since the peak of blood circulation and cell metabolism repair is around 1 a.m.

Start with the essential facial cleansing with cleansing oil to start your gentle evening routine with a first massage. Follow up with the application of redensifying serum Elixir Bonheur : thanks to its virgin oils rich in Omega 3 and 6, to its essential oils and to massage, the principles active will be transported deep into your tissues to redensify, firm and hydrate your skin. Do not hesitate to continue your massages in your bed, your head will be more relaxed and you will be able to massage better.

For fans of our serum, to apply by massage, watch this video produced in collaboration with facialist Catherine Bourgeois who will teach you the actions to do with the serum:

You will understand, massages, facial gymnastics and facial yoga are opportunities available to all those who like to take care of their skin and remedy aging in a completely natural way. For once you will be able to exercise in bed 😊 then you have no excuse not to do it!