Orange blossom - Picking

Through this video we invite you on a spring break in the heart of an orange grove in bloom in fullE month harvest of orange blossom...

From this flower will be born front page essential oil, the Neroli, olfactory signature flagship asset of our range of botanical and natural treatments...

En route to assist, with us, to the harvest and distillation of this floral water as close as possible to our suppliers and raw materials?

Travel to through these images and discover the mysteries and subtleties Neroli including the scent sensual and addictive transports you instantly.

Chead valuable essential oil  - Count 1000kg of flowers for 1 litre of Neroli. - is a skin tonic and a powerful anti-inflammatory.. C's a verIshield table to defend the skin against all aggressions (oxidation, pollution, sebum secretion, etc.). which are sources of premature skin aging. Le Neroli thus makes it possible to soothe irritation and rednessto sanitize And to revitalize thea skin for a fresh, luminous complexion.

Desire for revitalizing your skin with our products based on Neroli or ds water orange blossom? Discover them below!

Ange Sensationnel Elixir Bonheur
Pure Merveille Orangeraie en Fleur

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