Everything you need to know about wrinkles to better combat them

Our skin is an organ of exchange, the reflection of our health, our emotions and the passage of time. It ages, like all organs, but the manifestations of its aging can be seen with the naked eye. This aging is genetically determined for all organs with, however, a greater sensitivity for organs rich in elastin such as the skin. It also comes from environmental exposure, mainly UV rays, or a mechanical factor resulting from repeated trauma. The first visible signs are the wrinkles which, from the age of 30, set in little by little and gradually occupy the different parts of the face, not forgetting the neck. How and why do these wrinkles arise and how to prevent them? It is to these questions, which you have frequently asked us, that we propose to answer.

How are wrinkles born?

With the skin aging, the epidermis sees the number and the average size of its cells decrease significantly, thus leading to a decrease in its thickness.

But it is especially under the skin that everything happens. Indeed, the junction between the epidermis and the dermis is capital in the phenomenon of wrinkles because it is at this level that the "hooking" of the fibers occurs. Under the influence of age, the sun, tobacco, and by being stretched out with movement, collagen and elastin fibers age and lose quality. The number of fibers, which support the "mat" of this junction, decreases and the adhesion of these fibers becomes defective. This junction is therefore no longer wavy as in young skin, but becomes flat. When these anchors are completely broken, we observe a wrinkling due to the forces of gravity (dark circles, jowls ...), or to the forces of tension of the underlying muscles (inter-eyebrow lines). UV rays and in particular UVA, harmful to the skin throughout the day, penetrate very deep into the skin, causing alterations such as the modification of the orientation of the elastin fibers this then leads to a relaxation of the tissues, a loss of the firmness of the skin. skin and the appearance of fine lines first, then deep wrinkles second.

In the dermis, the support cells that ensure flexibility and firmness become fewer and less active. One then observes a thinning of the wall of the vessels and a less vascularization which results in a dermis less and less thick and a cellular metabolism less and less intense. The skin sees its support structure weakening and therefore its elasticity and firmness. It refines and wrinkles like a curling rubber band.

What are the areas of wrinkles?

There are several types of wrinkles since there are a variety of factors that give rise to wrinkles. Starting with expression lines. These are the wrinkles due to the repeated action of the muscles of the face. These are:

  • nasolabial folds, those wrinkles that lie obliquely on each side of the nose.
  • crow's feet wrinkles that start at the outer part of the eye and spread over the temples.
  • perioral wrinkles, those vertical wrinkles around the lips often seen in smokers
  • parabuccal wrinkles which extend the corner of the lips downwards,
  • forehead wrinkles, those horizontal lines above the eyes.
  • The inter-browbone wrinkle, quite vertical, called the lion's wrinkle.

Then there are the sagging wrinkles due to gravity and sagging skin-muscle hence the formation of flaccid folds in the face: cheeks (jowls), neck (double chin), eyelids (eyelid ptosis).

And finally the superficial wrinkles corresponding to the deformation over time of the micro-depression network of the skin with first the formation of fine lines and then deeper wrinkles.

Thin skin will form fine lines and wrinkles over time, while thick skin will form deeper and therefore more visible wrinkles. Oily skin wrinkles less quickly than dry skin because their excess sebum protects them from dryness which is a source of wrinkles. They are also generally thicker so wrinkles appear less quickly and are less numerous.

Each face will consequently see wrinkles appear sooner or later depending on its skin type and with more or less intense areas depending on the morphology of the face.

What to do to prevent and delay the onset of wrinkles?

The first prevention, you already know, these are good products! Adopting a skincare ritual from your thirties is essential accompanied by good protection against UV rays which are the leading cause of skin aging unrelated to the chronology of time. With beautiful sunny days, therefore, consider applying a total screen in particular around the contour of the lips which is an area more sensitive to wrinkles because it is very stressed.

Hydration remains the essential prerequisite to delay the onset of wrinkles because not only does it plump the skin but it will also boost the benefits of all other treatments. In other words, the more hydrated the skin, the better the absorption of other treatments.

The exfoliators and the masks are an essential complement to boost cell renewal, smooth and plump. 

The second tip relates to massages, facial gymnastics and facial yoga which will act by a mechanical action that stimulate blood circulation, the supply of oxygen and nutrients and thereby delay the relaxation of tissues and cellular aging. Daily practice of facial gymnastics in the most wrinkled areas is ideal for strengthening muscles and firming all highly stressed areas of the face. You can learn more about these natural methods by reading this item. In particular, you will find some facial gymnastic exercises to prevent frown lines, for example. Here is an exercise to smooth the outline of the lips: Closed mouth, stretch the smile as much as possible, keeping the lips firmly against the teeth for at least 5 seconds then release. You will have to repeat the movement ten times. It's simple and he has the merit of being able to be done in public thanks to his happy mimicry, go ahead and smile!

If you want to boost your cell renewal and prevent the appearance of signs of skin aging, here are some treatments that could help you...

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