How to treat facial imperfections?

At any age, different types of blemishes can appear on the skin of our face. We often think of acne, blackheads or comedones which can also affect adults and especially women. However, many other skin disorders such as scars, dilated pores, shine areas or even pigment spots can impact, in a more or less unsightly way, the beauty of our skin. Skin aging amplifies this phenomenon and, fortunately, cosmetics are of great help in helping to reduce or eliminate some of these unpleasant and bothersome skin manifestations.

Let's take a look at the reasons for these imperfections and how to fix them. For this, it seems important to us to tell you more about sebum, which is essential for understanding several imperfections.


It is a fatty substance, secreted by sebaceous glands of the epidermis, which will play a major role in hydrating and protecting our skin against all types of external aggressions. It flows to the surface of the skin via the pilosebaceous duct along the hairline.

Excessive production of sebum - seborrhea - leads to oily skin and, conversely, insufficient production gives way to dry skin.

The excess sebum can result in the appearance of cysts and comedones or painful papules due to inflammation or pustules sometimes leaving permanent traces.

Be careful with the choice of your makeup removers and cleansers because aggressive toilets affect the natural elimination of sebum and thus promote the perverse effect of excessive sebum renewal. Conversely, the excess of fatty substances contained in comedogenic cosmetics can lead to encystment of the sebum.

Comedones oppose the evacuation of sebum and thus promote microbial proliferation, hence the importance of applying daily a care lotion that soothes inflammation, rebalances the pH of your skin and restructures the skin flora of your film hydrolipidic. This is the reason why we recommend the use of this type of lotion after any cleansing and before any application of cream. To those who are still looking for it, we let you discover our lotion Pure wonder  

We can only recommend you jojoba oil so valuable is it in balancing sebum production. This oil participates in the regulation of sebum thanks to its very unique chemical relationship with the sebum of the skin. It is non-comedogenic. It creates a non-greasy film on the skin surface which thus protects the skin from dehydration and cold attacks. It is particularly recommended for sensitive skin thanks to its action against inflammation and UV rays.

It is an oil that we particularly treasure. You will find it, in its virgin form of course, in our nourishing balm, in our face cream, our body cream and especially in our serum. Happiness Elixir. This is the second ingredient in the list INCI serum, this is one of the reasons why this treatment is particularly recommended for skin prone to inflammation.


It is the first skin disease in France and therefore the most frequent blemish. This is a pathological inflammation that results quite simply from obstruction of the pilosebaceous duct. Hormonal factors play an important role, and adolescence, which is synonymous with a period of boiling sex hormones, is often conducive to acne breakouts. However, acne does not only affect adolescents but affects all ages. It is also more complicated to get rid of it in adulthood. Adult acne is more severe and more resistant to treatments for juvenile acne and can therefore lead to scarring.

Being a disease, acne usually requires the help of a dermatologist to treat it effectively. However, a good skincare routine and the explanations and precautions that we detail in this article can go a long way in mastering it. Since this is an inflammatory disease, already consider promoting all cosmetic treatments loaded with active ingredients that soothe inflammation. THE'aloe vera and some essential oils (neroli, rosemary, lavender, etc.) are an excellent natural remedy. However, beware of essential oils to be used diluted in vegetable oils. Also favor treatments rich in essential fatty acids - Omega 3 and 6 - very beneficial thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Make-up has little impact on adult acne, but it should not be overused and, above all, remember to do the double cleansing with a cleansing oil followed by lotion. Choose them of quality otherwise it is an aggravating factor of adult acne. So opt for an oil that is based on oils of plant origin and non-comedogenic and for a lotion that is based on soothing active ingredients.

Obviously, tobacco, stress and unhealthy diet strongly promote acne and can only weaken any curative treatment.

Inflammation due to reactions of intolerance to cosmetics

Some redness, peeling or other irritation symptoms may appear, although this is very rare, after long-term use of a particular cosmetic. This is irritant dermatitis or contact eczema.

The first is a reaction linked to aggressive substances, such as propylene glycol or urea, which is accompanied by sensations of burning, tightness, tingling, and sometimes even redness or dryness on the application area. It is not an allergy but an intolerance that will disappear by habit and vice versa.

Contact eczema, on the other hand, is the consequence of a period of sensitization that can be triggered when using a cosmetic that has been tolerated for a long time. It is not limited to the application site and recommends that you stop everything and test, reintroducing it gradually.

Other types of imperfection

These are generally imperfections that do not relate to the disease. They concern the complexion and the skin texture which can result in blackheads, dilated pores, areas of shine.

Unless they are nascent, avoid fiddling with them yourself, as this will end up dilating the pores and leaving a permanent mark of a dark hole. It is best to have an appointment with a beautician or dermatologist who will do the job properly.

Enlarged pores and areas of shine due to excess sebum require a good, complete and regular skincare ritual with appropriate care. First of all, you will need to cleanse every day, morning and evening, with a good lotion without micelles cleaning, balancing and above all not stripping.

Once a week, a gentle exfoliation - therefore avoid exfoliators based on fruit acids - is recommended. The application of a purifying mask at least once a week is necessary. Clay masks are very beneficial because the clay perfectly absorbs excess sebum and in return helps to recharge the skin with minerals, hydrate it and tighten the pores!

Finishing your skincare ritual by applying a cream with a very fine texture and in small quantities, we are too accustomed to mechanically pressing twice on a pump without paying attention to the amount withdrawn. Avoid creams with mineral or comedogenic oils (wheat germ, coconut, etc.) and whose INCI list contains PEGs, these tend to increase pimples and blackheads. 

Pigment spots will be the subject of a future full article because we will have a lot to say on this topic.

If you want to adopt a ritual that can treat your imperfections, you can also try our treatments ...

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