The L'ODAÏTÈS Christmas Menu for beautiful skin


It's the holidays! This moment that we cherish and wait for impatiently to feast without complex on pleasures and delicacies. This year, we had the idea to accompany you and to entrust you our recipes for your Christmas meals which will delight your taste buds and especially your skin! It's a menu that revolves around... The date, our 360 ° asset, endowed with a hydrating, antioxidant, repairing, energizing and plumping power. This gem of light is therefore a gold mine for notour skin an endless source of benefits for our health. Her tender and luscious flesh will magnify allt as well your dishes than your skin. We leave you todiscoverir this menu full of flavors and finesse and lightness. 


Starter: Endive salad to the pears and dried fruits   

The ingredients for 6 people:  5 to 6 endives, 100 gr of lamb's lettuce40 gr roquefort2 poires5 dates5 nuts1 tablespoon of toasted pine nuts  

Seasoning: olive oil (4tbsp), walnut oil (1tbsp), 1 balsamic vinegar (2tsp), 1 cider vinegar (1tsp), balsamic vinegar, honey / ginger vinegar, honey (2tsp), 5 to 6 nasturtium flowers, salt, pepper 

The preparation : Wash and copen the endives. If you want to avoid the bitterness of endives, cut them in half and remove the core. Cut dates in slices, Crumble the Roquefort, peel and dice the pears, add the lamb's lettuce leaves, kernels nuts, pine nuts and seasoning sauce and mix everything together. Prepare this salad maximum 1 / 2h before serving to avoid oxidation of the chicory.  

The benefits : This salad provides an antioxidant and restorative treat for your skin. Indeed, endive is one of the richest vegetables polyphenols. These small molecules will marry wonderfully with the vitamin C and to different minerals and trace elements - potassium, magnesium, zinc and selenium - present in endive to deploy a powerful antioxidant action and thus effectively combat the aging of your cells. Endive also has the advantage of being pin terms of calories, the marriage with dried fruits thus makes it possible to offer a dish balanced. Nuts and pine nuts will come redensify your skin and give it elasticity, suppleness and hydration thanks to their richness in essential fatty acids. The pear, light and full of antioxidants, will bring ae delicious note fondante. The date go crown the whole with its wealth in nutrients and also in fibers which will come facilitate digestion. Nasturtium flowers are edible yellow flowers that will brighten up your table, will decorate this salad and strengthen, thanks to the presence within it vitamin C and of flavonoids, its antioxidant action. voicei for this light and flavorful winter salad that will delight your guests... and your skin! 


Main dish: Chapon roast with rosemary, apricots and dates 

The ingredients for 6 people: 1 Capon d2,5kg about, 2 onions8 dates10 dried apricots8 sprigs of rosemary4 glasses of water½ chicken broth, sel and pepper 

The preparation : Take out your vshapon of fridge to cook it at temperature ambient. Preheat the oven to 170 ° C. Slice finely the onions. Then cut dates and apricots in small pieces. Put everything in a Dutch oven, cover and bring back the whole over very low heat. In a saucepan, dissolve the chicken broth in 4 glasses of hot water. Do not add too much water, to have a good broth tastyCoat the capon with oil. Oil the dish baking. Spread out your cooked onion and dried fruit mixture. Pdare-above the capon, vpour your broth of chicken and ajoust sprigs of rosemary. Bake and cook for 2h30 about. ATregularly rinse with the cooking juices so thatand the flesh remains tender. Serve it with quinoa. 

The benefits : La flesh of capon has the advantage of enjoying both a good structural protein content - collagen and elastin - and at a time low in fat. It will thus keep the figure while offering, thanks to its proteins, a more toned and more elastic skin.Also rich in protein, quinoa offers a wide range of essential amino acids which are essential for beautiful skin since they allow you to transport and stocker all nutrients - water, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins - necessary for the life of the cells of our skin and their renewal. Beyond its aromatic scent, Rosemary will enrich this dish with its powerful antioxidant and repairing virtues for the greater good of our skin cells while apricot and the date loadhave not only the dish of their sweet scent but also our skin of minerals well efficient for their smoothing and regenerating action. The fibers of quinoa will be a valuable asset in limiting the absorption of the caloric intake of apricots dried.   



Difficult to miss it at a Christmas meal... especially the role of calcium in the renewal cellular no longer needs to be demonstrated! a platter of goat or sheep cheese is an excellent compromise to satisfy lightness and gluttony. 


DessertSalad dotidys scentedwith spices 

The ingredients for 6 people:  8 untreated oranges, 10 fresh dates2 pinches of nutmeg2 pinches of cinnamon, Grand Marnier (cs), Orange tree Flower water, (4tbsp), orange blossom honey (2tbsp) and 20 crushed pistachios, honey (2tbsp)You can decorate with small pieces of zest oranges confits to prepare yourself or to buy. You can also serve with almond tiles, unless your sweet tooth makes you fall for small madeleines with orange blossom. 

The preparation: prepare the sauce by diluting honey in a bowl with theorange blossom water then add the nutmeg, cinnamon, Grand-Marnier (1cc). Book. Cut the dates in thin rings and set aside. Peel and cut the oranges into small pieces, add the dates and the sauce. Mix and place in the refrigerator. This salad should be prepared within 3 hours. in advance to prevent the oranges from losing too much juice and especially not lose all their vitamin C.      

The benefits: this antioxidant dessert par excellence thanks to the orange, with dates, to the spices and to the pistachios will bring a nice freshness and a lightness to your taste budsThese antioxidants and their polyphenols will neutralize the effect dhe oxidative substances created naturally by digestion. Pistachios will delight your eyes and especially your small cells with their richness in vitamins and minerals. The honey brings sweetness to dessert and hydration to your skin. The flower waters orange tree will help you to get carried away in the arms of morphée while taking care to tone your skin and fight against its inflammation.  


Good détasting! We wish you to very beautiful holidays and seriwe are delighted to have your feedback on this "taste journey" a treat for the skin and the taste buds ! 

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